Barbie Assaults Piers Morgan!

Barbie Assaults Piers Morgan!

On a hot July night, Piers Morgan went home and told his wife about his day. The day he argued with three grown women about Barbie. 

Britain’s most beloved journalist Piers Morgan was busy arguing about Barbie on Piers Morgan: Uncensored.

“One plays Doctor, one plays a Barbie with a Nobel prize in physics, and one is a mermaid “

“However, all the male characters in Barbie world are simply called Ken.”

“It’s pretty clear where this movie is going.” ” It is an assault on not just Ken but all men.”

Ryan Gosling as Ken

Someone needs to assault men, babes. Because after watching Barbie, you’ll watch a movie about the man who made the first nuclear bomb. 

Jokes aside, children are not stupid. I knew Barbie was not real, but I just liked to be in her reality. Why are people taking this too seriously? Men saw pink and said THREAT! 

Maybe it’s the fact that female movements in the Middle East are always bigger and better than what men are up to. Maybe, western men are in danger. Imagine, even Middle-Eastern women woke up, what’s next?!.. This has become the new Barbie discourse because of insecure men. It’s all very strange.

Is Barbie Only For Girls?

Even if she is only for girls, then let it be only for girls for once. Teen-adult men need to calm down when the entire world runs according to their biological cycle. You are not losing much here, honey. Girls just want to have fun. 

Do you remember Uptown Girls? In the previous article: Barbie fans have to love Uptown Girls. We wrote

Barbie was with us throughout our childhood. Some of us use her to communicate with other children in the classroom. Meanwhile, some of us play with Barbie dolls to escape the reality of the horrors of our homes. Uptown Girls make you understand those little girls that had to face different realities.”

That’s just it. Not everyone has to be about you. 

What do you think about Piers Morgan’s comment on Barbie? Please don’t forget to share your opinions!


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