Barbie Fans Has To Love Uptown Girls

Barbie Fans Has To Love Uptown Girls

Uptown Girl is another underrated movie starring Brittany Murphy. Thank god Barbie will be the biggest movie that ever existed! We won’t have to face another Uptown Girls fiasco!

What is the plot of Uptown Girls?

Uptown Girls is about an overstimulated child with an adult woman’s body ( Molly Gun) and a child who acts like an asocial grandmother’s inner child healing journey. Also, a few annoying problems. That’s about it.

Molly Gunn and Ray

Why Would Barbie Fans Love Uptown Girls Anyways?

  Aside from the writing, Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning’s incredible acting skills upgrades Uptown Girls’ quality to a level that crusty male critics couldn’t comprehend at the time. 

As Barbie will be, Uptown Girl is for the feminine who is vulnerable. And for everyone who likes to think.  Barbie was with us throughout our childhood. Some of us use Barbie to communicate with other children in the classroom. Meanwhile, some of us play with Barbie dolls to escape the reality of the horrors of our homes. Uptown Girls make you understand those little girls that had to face different realities.

Uptown Girls Molly Gunn

The Parallels Between Molly Gunn and Barbie

Also, Molly Gunn and Barbie have very similar kinds of boyfriends. The accessory ones. Slowly but surely, girlies are thriving. They don’t need any man. Neal used Molly for his music career. Ken used Barbie for his existence. At the end of the day, none of them are Lewis from H2O: Just Add Water.  I’m just saying.

Uptown Girl Molly and Barbie both are innovative fashionistas. Molly Gunn’s birthday in Uptown Girls is perfect for the Barbie movie. If Brittany Murphy was alive, she would definitely be “Hi Barbie!”

What do you think? Do Barbie fans love Uptown Girls? Please don’t forget to share your opinions! I’d really like to hear it!


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