Watch Good Omens Season 2 On Amazon Prime Or Pirated?

Watch Good Omens Season 2 On Amazon Prime Or Pirated?

Good Omens Season 2 will air on July 28, 2023, on Amazon Prime, the beloved streaming platform that exploits its employees. Everyone knows something a little about the writers’ strike and, how important it is to unionize. We even wrote an article about it. “5 Funny Videos About Unions For People Who Hate Politics” 

As of yesterday, the actors also joined the strike to say “stop” to the injustice in art. The Hollywood labor strike is continuing but one of our favorite tv shows is back with another season, Good Omens. 

 In support of the writers’ strike, a lot of people are questioning whether they should continue watching their favorite tv shows.

 Where To Watch Good Omens Season 2?

David Tennant (Crowley), Michael Sheen (Aziraphale)

Since Good Omens Season 2 will air on Amazon Prime owned by the devil himself, you may not be sure if you should watch it on Amazon Prime or pirated. 

The point of the writers’ strike is to show the big yellow men that they cannot do without them. If you want more of those specific writers’ shows which in this case is Good Omens, demand so strongly that the yellow men end up begging the writers to come back. 

This will also cause them to make money and maybe even more money than before. The argument is complicated. However, our biggest priority regards the writers’ strike is for writers and actors to work in respectably better conditions. 

At the end of the day, not streaming Good Omens Season 2 and many other TV shows and movies on Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. will make them lose money. However, they will not be defeated completely. 

In this case, though, the big yellow men don’t have to be completely defeated for writers and actors to win. 

So, support their work. Watch Good Omens Season 2 on Amazon Prime and let their voice be heard! 

What do you think about watching Good Omens Season 2 on Amazon Prime? Please don’t forget to share your opinions!


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