Kit Connor Fans That Denied Nick Nelson’s Bisexuality Forced Him to Come Out

Kit Connor Fans That Denied Nick Nelson’s Bisexuality Forced Him to Come Out

Heartstopper’s Kit Connor forcibly came out a few months ago. However, so-called Heartstopper fans haven’t got called enough for their abusive behavior toward Kit Connor. Why did they force him to come out right after watching Heartstopper Season 1? What was the Heartstopper fans’ reasoning?

We’ve talked about Heartstopper Season 1 before but this article will be in a much different tone than before. However, there are some scenes from Heartstopper that we should remember first.

Do You Remember Nick Nelson’s Coming Out Scene in Heartstopper Season 1?

From the first episode of Heartstopper, we watched Nick Nelson (A TEENAGER) search for his true soul, therefore, his sexual identity. We watched how confused he was and how he dealt with big taboos in our culture. If you’ve seriously watched Heartstopper, I’m sure you cried along with Nick Nelson during the coming-out scene.

So why the fuck did you people force Kit Connor to come out?!

Heartstopper’s Kit Connor Came Out as Bisexual

Heartstopper’s horrific fan base has been waiting for Kit Connor to make a statement about his sexuality since the show aired as if he owed them an explanation. Despite Kit expressing in recent months that he is too young and not ready, the bullying has continued.

The other day, Kit Connor announced in a very sad tone that he is bisexual:

Kit Connor Coming Out



The author of Heartstopper, Alice Osman, also reproached fans in support of Kit Connor’s words:

Kit Connor didn’t owe us anything.

Kit Connor didn’t owe us anything. He could’ve been still confused about his sexuality and still play Nick Nelson. Not because Nick Nelson, as a bisexual teenager, is him but because he simply resonates with him. Celebrities or random people on the internet owe you nothing.

Even in Heartstopper, some fans denied Nick Nelson’s bisexuality because he liked Kiera Knightley as if sexuality is something that a man’s POV only judges. And now, there you are forcing him to come out just because you see him with a man. How Progressive!



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