Ted Lasso Season 3’s Jamie Tartt Is An Intellectual!

Ted Lasso Season 3’s Jamie Tartt Is An Intellectual!

As we’re slowly approaching the half of Ted Lasso Season 3. Some interesting things started acquiring. No, I’m not talking about Rebecca’s never-ending predatory obsession with Sam Obisanya. 

Has Jamie Tartt Been Reading? 

Our beloved Jamie Tartt was a fictional Cristiano Ronaldo on Ted Lasso Season 1. The best footballer on the team with an attitude. Also, his hair was ugly. Everyone hated him. 

Ted Lasso Season 2 Jamie Tartt on the other hand, was a man on a healing journey. He became a team member and a respective student of Ted Lasso. Even though his cockiness stayed the entire time, – well, he’s Jamie fucking Tartt– he become the one we’re rooting for. Also with much better hair. 

Ted Lasso Season 3 Jamie Tartt is on another level!

On Season 3, Jamie Tartt has been a team member, a student, and an intellectual so far! 

Jamie Tartt talking to Coach Beard

In Season 3 Episode 2, Zava has now joined the team. Jamie, of course, as an attention freak couldn’t resist Zava’s attitude. And explained his concerns to Coach Lasso. After Coach Beard said “Don’t you think you’re being ironic Jamie”, Jamie corrected him “Nah, I’m being hypnotical.” YES, KING!!! YOU’RE READING!!  And at the previous episode, Jamie Tartt corrected Roy Kent. “What the fuck is pre-Madonna?” YES, KING!! YOU REALLY ARE READING!!

Hopefully, Ted Lasso’s Season 3 continue with Zava leaving the team and Jamie Tartt leading it. Can’t wait to see the boys win the Premier League!

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