Succession ‘s Tom is Ken To His Corporate Barbie

Succession ‘s Tom is Ken To His Corporate Barbie

The finale of the famous HBO show Succession aired nearly two months ago. Afterward, Succession got 15 Emmy nominations which include Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series with Brian Cox, Kieran Culkin, and Jeremy Strong.

Aside from the success that the show is gaining from its last season, there are more important things we need to talk about that contain the Barbie discourse which seems like will never end on this site. After learning about Barbie assaulting Piers Morganwe decided to devote this article to Ken’s of this world.

Succession Season 1 Has the Best Ken In TV History 

Succession Tom in a Barbie shirt

Logan Roy’s not-so-favorite child- I suppose- because he doesn’t like anyone. I also haven’t finished the show, ups! Shiv Roy is dating the Ken of Succession. Tom is a special character. He is an important colleague and a lovely boyfriend. However, I want to choke Shiv. It seems like she is doing and fucking whoever she wants meanwhile, Tom is busy being her father’s company’s corporate puppy. Ken to his Barbie. 

So, Shiv Roy wants to be in an open relationship?

Shiv is really annoying and, Tom is desperate. Not this girl telling the other guy ” Oh no, we’re going to feel like shit tomorrow!” and doing it over and over again with no explanation. Girl, we know you want to be in an open relationship. Can you stop lying and explain everything to Ken? I mean Tom.

How long will she continue lying? I am already tired. The worst part is her not feeling any shame.

Also, the masturbation scene in the car Succession Season 1 is really confusing to me. How do people not know about her cheating? How are they able to hide this from Ken, sorry Tom.  He is smelling her bullshit but is afraid.

 Apart from Shiv Roy, Succession Season 1 is amazing! I’m really scared for next season. I also want to know if Roman is actually gay. I mean, he is gay but it’s not out there yet. Right?

What do you think about Succession Season 1 Tom being Ken to Shiv? Please don’t forget to share your opinions!


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