Joe Locke Looks Strangely Like Harry Holland

Joe Locke Looks Strangely Like Harry Holland

Heartstopper Season 2  official trailer just dropped, which means in approximately one month, we will finally watch Charlie Spring Joe Locke ) and Nick Nelson ( Kit Connor). 

The last time we talked about Heartstopper was when Kit Connor‘s forced him to come out when we LITERALLY watched an entire season of a teenager crying about his sexual identity crises. “Kit Connor Fans That Denied Nick Nelson’s Bisexuality Forced Him to Come Out”

This one concerns the Charlie Spring actor Joe Locke and strangely, British men.

Joe Locke Looks Like Harry Holland

Joe Locke, Harry Holland

Every time Joe’s face comes up on Heartstopper, I can’t stop but think about Harry Holland and the Holland brothers. Don’t they look too similar? or is it just a British thing? 

People on the internet always joke about how white people look the same but damn! They look like brothers. 

Is it the hair? ears? nose? eyes? Well, at least we know it’s not the lips but still. Am I the only one who’s seeing this? Maybe I’m just being racist. Sorry, I guess?

What do you think? Please don’t forget to share your thoughts!


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