House of the Dragon Alicent Hightower and Hurrem Sultan Share 5 INSANE Similarities:

House of the Dragon Alicent Hightower and Hurrem Sultan Share 5 INSANE Similarities:

In House of the Dragon Episode 7 which Daemon and Princess Rhaenyra got married, we’ve seen how dark Alicent Hightower can get. The scene after Alicent Hightower and King Viserys’ second son, Aemond, had his eye cut off was just the beginning of Alicent Hightower’s rage. Alicent Hightower’s  “my son and my blood must rule”  attitude throughout House of the Dragon reminded me of someone: Hurrem Sultan.

Every passing episode of House of the Dragon reminds me more and more of the Turkish soap opera Magnificent Century. It’s impossible not to see Hurrem Sultan in Alicent Hightower!

1- The Unbelievable Similarity Between The Children of Alicent Hightower and Hurrem Sultan

House of the Dragon‘s Alicent Hightower has two sons and a daughter. Alicent Hightower’s elder son, Aegon, is a useless drunkard. On the other hand, his other son Aemond is much more conscious and aggressive than his brother as you can see from the 7th episode of House of the Dragon.

Hurrem Sultan has two sons and a daughter who survived until her old age. Selim, Bayezid, and Mihrimah. Selim is a useless drunkard whereas Bayezid is very combatant. However, unlike in House of the Dragon, Bayezid was killed in real life, and iii. Selim took the throne. But still, we cannot ignore this terrifying resemblance!

2- Alicent Hightower and Hurrem Sultan’s Ability to Stand Against the Ruler

Remember those scenes in House of the Dragon Episode 7 where everyone fights after Aemond’s eye got cut. Remember when Alicent Hightower demanded the eye of Rhaenyra’s son in exchange for Aemond’s, the king objected. And remember how Alicent Hightower opposed the king and said that Ser Criston Cole would act on her orders.

 Yes, Hurrem Sultan experienced a similar event. When Suleyman the Lawgiver (Suleyman the Magnificent) tried to make changes in the Harem, Hurrem Sultan did not allow it. “If I cannot interfere with Hasoda, you cannot interfere with Harem.”

3- Alicent Hightower and Hurrem Sultan Both Have Red Hair

This was one of the biggest reasons why Suleyman the Lawgiver liked Hurrem Sultan. Hurrem Sultan was the center of attention in the Harem with her mesmerizing orange hair.

4- Alicent Hightower and Hurrem Sultan Both Are and Were Ready to Do Anything for Power

Again, with House of the Dragon Episode 7, we got a better understanding of just how far Alicent Hightower can go. After killing Sir Harwin Strong and the Hand of the King in House of the Dragon Episode 6, beloved girl boss Alicent Hightower cut off Princess Rhaenyra’s arm with her hands in House of the Dragon Episode 7.

And now, Hurrem Sultan.

They say she was the reason behind the death of Ibrahim (pargali) the closest friend to the Sultan. Historians also believe that she was behind the death of Mustafa the heir ( Mahidervran’s son ) so that one of her children became the sultan.

Hurrem Sultan and her son-in-law Rustem claimed Sultan Mustafa was ready for a rebellion and had a deal with the Safavids. Every last Bayazid rebelled and had a civil war with Sultan Suleyman. Bayazid ran away to Iran and asked Safavid Shah for refuge. Suleyman did not even build a tomb for his son Mustafa. Mahidevran Sultan built the tomb with the salary she was paid.

People back then called Hurrem a “witch” because she was indirectly ruling Suleyman the way she wants, plus she could get rid of all her enemies.

5- Both of Their Names Start With “A”

Alicent Hightower and Aleksandra Lisowska. The name Hurrem Sultana, who is of Russian origin, was given after she came to Istanbul. Because Alexandra was very friendly, they named her Hurrem, which means ‘the joyful one.

At this point, you can guess the smallest step Alicent Hightower will take by reading about the life of Hurrem Sultan. I’m sure we’ll catch more similarities in the next episode of House of the Dragon.

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