Why Steve Harrington Might Die in Stranger Things 5 ?

Why Steve Harrington Might Die in Stranger Things 5 ?

It’s been a few days since Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 aired on Netflix, but many of us haven’t finished the series yet because each episode is almost as long as an independent science fiction movie.  The Duffer Brothers couldn’t help but surprise us a lot in Stranger Things 4. There are a lot of topics to discuss in Stranger Things 4, specifically about Steve Harrington. However, first, I would like to talk about what caught my eye and hurt my heart the most.


 A Quick Rant on Steve Harrington in Stranger Things 4

(spoiler: Steve Harrington is going to die but don’t worry, I’ve explained why he might)

The Duffer Brothers’ biggest fetish in Stranger Things is to make Steve Harrington suffer. Long episodes inevitably increase the possibility of his death. And somehow Steve is still alive (?), so thank you, I guess…

Although Steve Harrington isn’t the main character, he might be the best-written character in all four seasons of Stranger Things.

Why Should Steve Harrington Be Your Favorite Character?

Steve Harrington was introduced in season 1 of Stranger Things as the annoying snobby teenager Nancy likes. He had smashed Jonathan’s camera and went after him in the alleys. 

As Stranger Things viewers, we hated Steve for a while.

Steve Harrington in Stranger Things 4

But the reason why we love Steve so much today; It’s because he almost mothered the kids during the three seasons of Stranger Things. He took Dustin to Snow Ball and gave him tactics in the car. He stopped the kids and showed them the way when they first enter Upside Down. In short, throughout Stranger Things, whenever the kids needed someone, he was always there for them. +

Steve Harrington is by far one of the most emotional characters.

You may remember the toilet scene between Robin and Steve at the end of Stranger Things Season 3. Since there is no explanation, I want to believe this: Robin came out to Steve first. In the ’80s, in Indiana, Robin shared perhaps her biggest secret with a person she despised when she was a kid and had only really met three months ago.

In Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1, we saw that Steve never told anyone that Robin likes girls. We even saw how positive he was about Robin’s possible relationship with Vicky. As if all that wasn’t enough, we also witnessed Max writing a letter to Steve, the only young adult friend that she wrote to, an hour before Vecna‘s attack.

After making Steve such a beloved and important character and finally making him give up on Nancy, they turned Stranger Things 4 completely into the circus for Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler.

What is Happening Between Steve and Nancy in Stranger Things Season 4?

At the beginning of Stranger Things Season 4, Steve talked about not being able to find someone, or rather, not knowing what he wanted in a relationship. He also said that while he was in the car with Robin, he was now looking for deeper meanings in his possible relationships.

It’s clear that Steve is trying to get to know himself and is reconsidering his expectations of his romantic partners. Maybe he’s questioning his sexual orientation, who knows? 🙂 So why are they pushing the confused Steve Harrington back four seasons?

Why Steve Harrington Might Die in Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2?

I’m sorry if what I’m about to say may be a little confusing and heartbreaking.

 In Stranger Things Season 4 volume 1 Episode 5, when the Hawkins group is in the creel house, Steve sees a black widow spider on him, which means vecna might curse him next since everyone who has seen a black widow has been cursed + In Upside down, He gets bitten by the creatures of Vecna. There must be a reason why Robin overreacted and said ” Steve is going to die.”

Steve Harrington was by far one of the most interesting characters in Stranger Things 4 Volume 1. We’ve seen more of Steve than the main characters like Mike Wheeler, Will Byers, and Jonathan Byers.

He complained about being with Dustin again, Eddie talked about how much Dustin idolizes Steve + Steve, and Nancy falling for each other again may build a possible death scene. 

Considering The Duffer Brothers’ fantasy of killing someone in the friend circle every season, the target of Stranger Things 4 may be Steve Harrington.

 A heroic, iconic, and emotional scene awaits us.

Please don’t forget to share your theories and thoughts!


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