Louis Partridge Quietly Gets Groomed by Pistol Co-Star

Louis Partridge Quietly Gets Groomed by Pistol Co-Star

Today’s article is about the actor who played Sex Pistols’ bassist Sid ViciousLouis Partridge.  And it’s not a heartwarming one. 

A lot of things are weird about Louis Partridge:

Sid Vicious has the most tragic death and “love” story in Punk and Rock history. The sickeningly romanticized love story of Sid Vicious and Nancy has inspired more than ten movies and TV shows, including the Pistol series.

briefly, who the fuck is sid vicious and nancy?

Sid Vicious was an unfortunate working-class teenager who was introduced to heroin at the age of 14 by his drug-addicted mother. Nancy Spungen, on the other hand, was a young American sex worker in London who was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 15. Sid Vicious wasn’t good for Nancy, nor was Nancy for Sid Vicious.

At the age of twenty, Nancy Spungen was found dead in her NYC hotel room where she stayed with Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious. Sid Vicious was accused of Nancy Spungen’s murder. However, punk history still isn’t quite sure (?!?) about who killed Nancy Spungen. 

Sid Vicious died a year after Nancy‘s death from an overdose.

And for some reason, at the time, 16 years old

 Louis Partridge (16) Got Cast to Play Sid Vicious?

Whenever a movie is made about teenagers and young adults, casting directors can’t help but choose actors who are crusty 30 years old. Unable to control themselves in the Pistol series, they chose Louis Partridge (16) to play the possible murderer Sid Vicious, who had one of the most terribly tragic life in Punk history.

While Louis Partridge was underage, they shot the sex scenes of Sid Vicious and Nancy in the Pistol series. I suppose, just another day in Hollywood?

While Louis Partridge was underage in the Pistol series, he had to deal with a more disgusting, frightening, and irritating situation.

Sydney Chandler (27) played Chrissie Hynden, whom you know from the Pretenders, in the Pistol series. Sydney Chandler met Louis Partridge( 19), who plays Sid Vicious, at the age of 17 because the Pistol series was shot in the first few months of 2021.

——————This friendship looks like a normal friendship at first. No matter how normal the friendship between a 17-year-old and a 25-year-old can be!—————-

The quiet grooming of Louis Partridge

 Things started to change after Louis Partridge turned 18 for Sydney Chandler who called Louis Partridge a dear boy, a baby boy while shooting the Pistol series.

Louis Partridge (18) casually hangs out with Sydney Chandler (26) and her crusty friends

Sydney Chandler also changed her username just like Louis Partridge’s (18) as from the video you can see her username is different but now it’s the exact same style as Louis Partridge’s.

September 2021

Louis Partridge (18) and Sydney Chandler are together in the middle of a Californian desert. ?happy?

December 4.

Louis Partridge (18) and Sydney Chandler spent time together in London. You can tell that the video of Sydney Chandler holding onto Louis Partridge’s (18) arm is real, from the clothes in the photo that Sydney took in front of Louis’ Prada Campaign photo.

Louis Partridge and Sydney Chandler walking in London

A few weeks later in December.

In a frenzy, Louis Partridge (18) and Sydney Chandler went Instagram officials. They shared photos from their little vacation together or with friends ( still c-r-e-e-p-y).

Next stop, the city of love, Paris!

Louis Partridge in Paris

Louis Partridge (18) and rumored girlfriend Sydney Chandler (26) are back in London.

Milan Fashion Week 2022

Louis Partridge (18) walked for Prada. The rumored girlfriend Sydney Chandler (26) was there to support him.

Louis Partridge and Sydney Chandler at the Prada Show in Milan Fashion Week

The latest photos of Louis Partridge (19) and Sydney Chandler (26) were spotted at Milan Fashion Week.

Unfortunately, Louis Partridge’s young fan base doesn’t understand this possible, quiet however unshameful public grooming problem. As such media and sugar mommy/daddy content are constantly popping up in front of young people, they fail to notice the awkwardness of the relationship between Louis Partridge (18) and Sydney Chandler.

Let’s say Louis Partridge and Sydney Chandler are just good close friends, that would STILL be VERY weird. It’s unlikely that your 25-year-old costar, who sees you working half-naked in an industry like Hollywood, suddenly becomes your best friend. The industry is full of predators.

In the case of Louis Partridge and Sydney Chandler, no one mentions it in the mainstream media. I suppose, considering Louis Partridge’s mature appearance and tall stature, everything seems normal. Then reality hits you because Louis Partridge’s brain still works like an 18-year-old.

What do you think about Sydney Chandler’s possible grooming mission for Louis Partridge? Please don’t forget to share your opinions!


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