Ted Lasso Isn’t Funny But I Can’t Stop Watching It

Ted Lasso Isn’t Funny But I Can’t Stop Watching It

Two days ago, a man named Jason Krasin- sorry, Jason Sudeikis won his second Golden Globe in a row and, I found out about a TV show called Ted Lasso. I asked myself:

What is this Ted Lasso?

First, I find my way to IMDB and sip my cold water in shock after reading the IMDB rating:  8.8! “American college football coach Ted Lasso heads to London to manage AFC Richmond, a struggling English Premier League soccer team,” it said. Then, I decided to look out for some, hopefully, amusing clips from the show to convince myself to watch it. Ted Lasso, first was just a short sketch realized on NBCSportsNetwork eight years ago. After watching the sketch, I  was immensely excited to watch the show.

The First Episode of Ted Lasso :

Who is this man ?! Unbelievably optimistic and kind. As a sitcom addict when it’s too lighthearted, you only love them, not enjoy them. However, when you love them, you can’t quit them. So, I continued watching Ted Lasso.

Roy Kent in Ted Lasso Season 1:

Roy is such an upfront, honest, rude person. He is the wise man, and coach of the team. At first, I asked myself ” Why did they make this angry-grumpy man the coach? And then, the whole first season, I watched him taking care of his niece, standing up to bullies to protect Nate, and even apologizing/ humanizing his nemesis Jamie. He cares and uplifts people even if he doesn’t show it on his face.

I’ll be rooting for Roy and Keeley next season of Ted Lasso.

Keeley is a model-turned-PR consultant. She has been introduced as a bimbo in the first few episodes. But then, her character evolved into a hardworking, sex-positive, and hilarious woman.

It’s hard to explain why they make sense together because sometimes everything is all about allegiance, only allegiance. And then, you make it work. Roy and Keely have undeniably magnetic chemistry, therefore; I wholeheartedly wish for them to be together in the upcoming season too.

Jayyyy meee TARTT DO DO DOO..!

I hate him and, I also feel for him because the writers immensely humanized him, at least to me, in the season finale episode by showing that his father is THE bully of his life and, everything he said about his father sadly was the truth.

I have no idea what will happen to him in the next season. Every time Jamie and his evasive looks came to the screen, I wanted to evaporate. So, he better be away.

Where is Phoebe’s Family?

Is Roy her only family? or her father is not around enough that Roy practically becomes the father figure? This situation needs more depth because I crazily want to know.

Rebecca and Keeley’s Sisterhood is What We All Need!

In all honesty, I cherish their friendship. Keeley helping Rebecca who has been manipulated for more than a decade on the red carpet to pose more elegantly was the exact moment that I realized sisterhood doesn’t require kinship. How they uplift each other and care for each other is beautiful.

Ted Lasso was average but addictive, at least for me. Will I continue? F**k YEAH!


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