Taylor Swift Fans: Hilarious or Embarrassing?

Taylor Swift Fans: Hilarious or Embarrassing?

Not-so-reliable sources have been being casually cruel in the name of being celebrity magazines. I suppose Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn ended their six-year relationship.

Taylor Swift Has Been Quiet…

She must be busy being on her million-dollar worth stadium tour. Taylor Swift didn’t say a worth about the end of the six-year-old relationship. We haven’t heard about her goodbyes to the 

” And I hope I never lose you, hope it never ends

I’d never walk Cornelia Street again” boyfriend. However, the swifties have been saying their goodbyes shamelessly.

Swifties Left Flowers on Cornelia Street

Cornelia Street

Why are they acting like it’s ANZAC’s day? Well, we all knew that Taylor Swift fans were obsessive. However, this is plain stupidity. Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn didn’t die. Everything is fine. No one knows if they broke up or not. 

Also, this was one of the most private celebrity relationships ever. Show some respect. They obviously don’t want you to know everything. 

Who would listen anyways? The kind of people who would leave flowers on Cornelia Street is probably the people who ship Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. They think she wrote Midnights about Harry Styles. That’s about the IQ level they have. 

Taylor Swift Fans on the internet are doing no less than the ones who left flowers on Cornelia Street 

Just, shut up. Touch some grass. Imagining someone else’s relationship every time while listening to a love song is weird anyways. Some of you need to listen to people other than Taylor Swift.

What do you think about the Swifties’ concerns about SOMEONE ELSE’S relationship? Please don’t forget to share your opinions!


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