Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 Writers Ruined Bela

Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 Writers Ruined Bela

Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 was not quite what we thought it would be. There were two expected situations, one was that Kimberly would find a way to stay in Essex. And two, was Leighton’s coming out to the girls.

What about everything that happened to Bela?


During Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2, there was a character growth (?!) that I could never understand. In Season 1, Bela was a boy-crazy lunatic, an insecure young adult. Even though Mindy Kaling is not one of the writers, she still likes to write insecure characters. However, as in Never Have I Ever, you can see that the character somewhat has developed.

Sex Lives of College Girls writers did Bela dirty.

There was no development in Sex Lives of College Girl Season 2 Bela. What Season 1 Bela was, so was Season 2 Bela. Maybe even worse. In season 2, Bela cheated on Eric, the love interest we’ve been waiting for since season 1 Bela to couple with. But they just ruined their healthy and beautiful relationship to give Bela’s character depth or something! But still, C’mon! This was really unfair.

Season 2 made it feel like Kimberly Finkle was the only protagonist. Bela was like a side character because she didn’t experience any character development. We even watched Lila change by becoming a manager. What about Bela?

However, it seems like Bela will be the protagonist in Season 3. Leaving Essex is a much bigger issue than changing the dorm room. They have to address this situation in depth. We are not quite sure how they do it. Because as we talked about in the last article, Sex Lives of College Girls needs more than 10 episodes.

What do you think about Season 2 Bela? Please don’t forget to share your opinions!


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