MCU IS A Cult and We’re Okay With It

MCU IS A Cult and We’re Okay With It

I know it has been a long time. However, today we will revisit the 2021 Emmy. if you’re one of these hardcore Marvel fans then, you’d know that Wandavision won 3 Emmys among 21 nominations. Every magazine site and many people on social media have been talking about how Wandavision was “snubbed”.  

Let’s clarify something, Wandavision – coming from an MCU fan- was NOT snubbed.

Yes, It was one of the most unique TV Shows/Movies that Marvel put out yet (perhaps the only unique TV Show/ Movie because, let’s be honest, Disney doesn’t let directors be creative) but It wasn’t the best show ever of the year.

The way people reacted to this “snubbing” Wandavision issue made me think about the whole Marvel fangirling “job” and the MCU.

Let’s start here. If you want to watch Thor: Love and Thunder and enjoy it like every Marvel/ superhero fan, then you have to watch at least five MCU movies. The time and energy you have to put into watching Thor: Love and Thunder are unbelievable. I’m not even talking about a more prominent superhero (fame-wise) like Spider-Man.

How Is MCU A Cult?

Scarlet Witch vs. the Illuminati
Scarlet Witch vs. the Illuminati

MCU wants time from us, wants affection from us, wants money from us, and in the end, only gives us promises and leaves a simple taste of satisfaction on our tongues. First, you buy tickets, second, you read “Thor Will Return” in the end credits, and finally, you leave the cinema and realize that you literally watched the same film 12 times before. In other words, maybe it’s not only a cult rather another religion.

MCU became a whole religion.

When I was young, it was only Iron Man and X-Men. Everything was easy to catch up on. It was indescribably empowering to see a woman superhero kicking 20 men’s asses all by herself ( Natasha, my beloved… R.I.P bb). And at this point in my life, I AM TIRED.

But let’s be real. Am I going to continue to watch upcoming movies? Yes. Because I’m a hopeless believer and don’t know how to escape. You, will, too.

 And I Don’t Blame You.

 I think there is another reason why the middle class like myself enjoys these movies: seeing a movie in the cinema is e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e. Film culture also has changed very clearly with Netflix and Apple TV and Hulu etc.

If I have a family and have to pay for everyone’s ticket, of course, I’m going to see something that will be worth my money (from a working-class POV). I’d like to see a movie which is funny, exciting and long (!). Something that will give me adrenalin and stop making me think because the world’s population is almost 8 billion and there’s huge pressure on every individual so yeah, I want to escape from my reality, go and live in another universe.  Simple as that. 


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