Everything Wrong with Tao and Charlie from Heartstopper

Everything Wrong with Tao and Charlie from Heartstopper

I’ve just been able to watch the famous Heartstopper, adapted from Alice Oseman‘s webcomic and graphic novel of the same name, and released on Netflix this year.

Released on April 22, 2022, Heartstopper was highly appreciated by critics with an IMDB score of 8.7. Although it has been months since the release of Heartstopper, it still continues to gather viewers.

Even though no one was wondering, it was the Heartstopper cast dancing in front of homophobic activists last Pride that prompted me to watch Heartstopper.

Netflix, and HBO, this or that, when it comes queer love stories, they go through every episode of the show or movie in a cursory way. In Heartsopper, a trans actress plays a trans character, not Scarlett Johansson. Or an Asian plays an Asian character, not Scarlett Johansson. Most importantly, after the Euphoria extravaganza, I must meticulously point out that in Heartstopper, teenagers play teenagers. 

Although I loved Heartstopper with all my heart, I was extremely annoyed with some of the characters. I don’t know if it’s because I am past the age to tolerate teenagers. So let me tell you, most of the rest of the article will be full of hate.

Everything Wrong With Heartstopper’s Tao

I want to pluck his hair. Even if Tao from Heartstopper was right in his case, looking at his hair, “no, you’re wrong!” I want to say.

Heartstopper Tao

Okay, now let’s be a little more serious. From the first episode of Heartstopper, we watched Tao being furious and prejudiced toward Rugby players. Tao is justified in being angry with them. However, as I understand it, Tao is very discriminatory and distant towards almost everyone except his own small group of friends. New friends or people, in general, make him very nervous.

No matter how much Charlie said he was happy with Nick, Tao didn’t listen and only looked at things from his own perspective throughout Heartstopper Season 1. Even though he saw with his own eyes how tolerant Nick was and defended Charlie, he continued to be tough. The worries Tao felt throughout Heartstopper were not because of Charlie’s potential heartbreak, but because of fear of being alone.

After all, Tao’s one-sided view of everything (acting like an ordinary teenager…) made Charlie unable to tell him about their relationship with Nick. He knew that Tao would never be tolerant.

Everything Wrong With Heartstopper’s Charlie

Heartstopper Charlie

Yes, I know. Charlie has had a rough year. He personalized the negativities in his life. However, the whole thing is my fault attitude is driving me crazy. Nick’s punch at Harry was a punch for the country and the nation. Okay, his motivation was Charlie, but it was a well-deserved punch. If Nick wasn’t Charlie’s boyfriend, that punch still had to be thrown. If Nick wasn’t there, that punch still should be thrown at Harry.

In Heartstopper Season 2, I hope Harry puts this “everything happens because of me” attitude aside. Because Nick doesn’t have the responsibility to say ‘no, you’re great every 15 minutes.

A Quick Rant on Heartstopper’s Nick 

My baby, my dear, my sweetheart, my cotton candy, my pumpkin. As Olivia Colman‘s son, he met all my expectations. Open-minded, soft-eyed, dear Nick. Nick doesn’t even have a proper scene throughout Heartstopper Season 1 where I get mad at him. There is only that scene where he leaves Charlie on the field in pain. ( Fuck you, Nick) Other than that, I loved Heartstopper Season 1‘s, Nick Nelson. I’m looking forward to Heartstopper Season 2.

A Quick Rant on Heartstopper’s Elle

My baby, my dear, my sweetheart, my cotton candy, my pumpkin.

Heartstopper Elle

Elle might be my favorite character in the show. Kind, understanding, and objective. Like Nick, I didn’t see anything annoying about her during Heartstopper Season 1. I’m dying to watch Heartstopper Season 2 Elle!

There are no Heartstopper characters that I want to mention more because these 4 characters were my main focus during Heartstopper Season 1. We didn’t watch anything significant about Isaac during Hearstopper Season 1. Hopefully, we can learn more about Isaac in Heartstopper Season 2.

Thank you for reading the article I wrote to vomit my hatred for Hearstopper Season 1 Tao. Please don’t forget to share your opinions!


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