Derry Girls Finale Explained: What Does the Chelsea Clinton Letter Mean?

Derry Girls Finale Explained: What Does the Chelsea Clinton Letter Mean?

Derry Girls, the funniest sitcom of the last decade, came to an end as of last week. If you’re wondering why I waited a week to write this post, the answer is simple: I had to digest the ending of Derry Girls.

After the Derry Girls finale, an extra episode of almost an hour was aired. That’s why I want you to know that I wrote this article by considering the finale as Derry Girls season 3, 6th episode + extra episode.

First of all, let’s get rid of a topic that you all discussed and will continue to discuss.

A Quick Rant on Wee Lesbian Clare’s First Kiss and Her Father’s Death

We’ve known for the last two seasons that our Derry girl Clare Devlin, played by Nicola Coughlan, is a lesbian. Also, Derry Girls, as a sitcom, has a different theme in each episode.


So why was Derry Girls’ Clare’s first kiss left in the last episode?

Derry Girls Fİnale Claire’s Kiss

During the three seasons of Derry Girls, we saw how supportive the girls were of Clare being a lesbian. A good example is the girls Clare wearing the LGBT flag every day…

However, support isn’t just about saying “I’m a supporter”. You have to stand behind what you believe. Lisa McGee must have felt a great responsibility in this situation. Since there was no more time left for the kiss to take place, the events felt compressed/forced.

Another compelling event was the death of Clare’s father. It’s quite surprising that a man whose face we barely saw for three seasons passed away in the FINAL episode of Derry Girls. But there is also an explanation:


It Actually Happened To A Friend Of The Derry Girls Writer Lisa McGee

The thing that struck me was that we did grow up in this place where there was a lot of unpredictable stuff happening – you worried about a lot of violence – and this was a thing that could happen to anybody at any point – a natural cause thing. I was like ‘Oh, God, no one’s life’s predictable, this could happen to anyone.'”

It says in the stage directions when they’re walking behind the coffin: ‘And just like that, they grew up” 

” just like that, they grew up.”

In my culture, we say “God takes from one place and gives from another”. This is exactly what happened. Although her father passed away, Clare’ was able to get the sweet kiss she had long dreamed of as a lesbian teenage girl in her small town of Derry.

That’s life, and Derry Girls have been trying to convey that for the past three years. Life can show its quirks to us in annoying situations at any time and in unexpected moments.

Speaking of life, it’s time to touch on the Derry Girls‘ extra episode.

Another Quick Rant On Derry Girls’ Season 3 Extra Episode:

I guess the beginning of that wonderful extra episode where Orla dances in the streets was a scene that predicted what the girls were up to.

Erin is reading a book

Orla is dancing

James is doing an office job

Michelle is selling/ doing entrepreneurship

and the middle-aged Quinn family marvel at new technologies.

While everything is progressing in a fun way, we suddenly leave the little bubble we are in and face reality: The girls have grown and are growing up in the middle of a war.

During the three seasons of Derry Girls, every time the Derry girls went out, we saw armed soldiers waiting on the street. However, our attention was never directed to them because to the girls, this is perfectly normal. They have known this since they were born. Their lives are shaped by war.

The scene where Orla took off her headphones was another ” that is life” or “just like that, they grew up” moment.

Derry Girls Chelsea Clinton Letter

That is also why many of us are emotionally attached to Derry Girls. The girls shared their lives with us for three seasons. Lisa McGee wrote a love letter to her youth, her friends, and her beautiful city. The letter that reached Chelsea Clinton today was also the joy of the final episode of Derry Girls.

They were rewarded for their arduous efforts for the future, despite the lives they started in the working class. The letter has survived.

Maybe Lisa McGee wrote the last scene just for fun while she was writing it. However, my inner voice tells me that the letter that has survived to the present day symbolizes that the girls get what they want.

Another scene that gave the feeling of the ending of Derry Girls (which we define as a teenage show) was the scene where the girls cast their votes. The fact that Derry Girls cast their votes at the end of the episode, that is, stating that they have a say in a subject that will have a great impact on their own lives, shows that they have now taken a step into adulthood

And everyone leaves the polling station hugging and Granda Joe and the baby dancing. The eldest and the youngest of the house are leaving the show, having fun together in peace.

Thus, the Derry Girls have finished. And the most important thing it left behind is hopeful hearts. Go raibh maith agat!

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