• 05/06/2023
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ESC 2023 Croatia' s performance Pop Culture

ESC 2023: If Croatia Doesn’t Come Second, Burn Europe to the Ground

ESC 2023 final is right around the corner. And it presumably won’t be the weirdest one we’ll ever watch. What a shame. Europe should be embarrassed. Sorry, western Europe, because the Balkan countries don’t hesitate to serve. Why Should Croatia Come Second in ESC 2023? Firstly, according to the Eurovision encyclopedia which is written by […]

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selena gomez on selena + chef Pop Culture

Selena Gomez Fans: Hilarious or Embarrassing?

Welcome to the never-ending drama sagas of Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber.  Oh no! Did you forget to check celebrity gossip today? There seems to be nothing exciting lately. Don’t worry! Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber got you! Hailey Bieber started a cooking show!  Yes. Hailey Bieber‘s cooking show is not new news for most of you. However, it’s […]

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jamie tartt and roy kent on ted lasso season 3 episode 6 TV Series

Ted Lasso’s Brett Goldstein’s Third Emmy Is On The Way

Ted Lasso Season 3 continues delivering incredible episodes. What Happened on Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 6? In this episode, we watched the adventures of the team in Amsterdam. After a defeat, Ted Lasso and his team decided to spend a fun night in Amsterdam rather than go back to training right away. Ted almost got high. Rebecca […]

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h2o: just add water cleo and lewis TV Series

H2O: Just Add Water Lewis Is The Best Boyfriend in TV History

H2O: Just Add Water was that bitch. Do you all remember? H2O: Just Add Water was an Australian teenage show about three little mermaids. Cleo Sertori ( Phoebe Tonkin), Rikki Chadwick ( Caribe Hein), and Emma Gilbert ( Claire Holt) were the main magical creatures. Well, “main” because at one point, who-shall-not-be-named became a mermaid and almost ruined everything. Then, […]

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taylor swift fans left flowers on cornelia street Pop Culture

Taylor Swift Fans: Hilarious or Embarrassing?

Not-so-reliable sources have been being casually cruel in the name of being celebrity magazines. I suppose Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn ended their six-year relationship. Taylor Swift Has Been Quiet… She must be busy being on her million-dollar worth stadium tour. Taylor Swift didn’t say a worth about the end of the six-year-old relationship. We haven’t […]

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bela in pink bra on sex lives of college girls season 2 TV Series

Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 Writers Ruined Bela

Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 was not quite what we thought it would be. There were two expected situations, one was that Kimberly would find a way to stay in Essex. And two, was Leighton’s coming out to the girls. What about everything that happened to Bela? During Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2, […]

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steve harrington talking on the phone TV Series

Why Steve Harrington Might Die in Stranger Things 5 ?

It’s been a few days since Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 aired on Netflix, but many of us haven’t finished the series yet because each episode is almost as long as an independent science fiction movie.  The Duffer Brothers couldn’t help but surprise us a lot in Stranger Things 4. There are a lot of topics to discuss in […]

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Derry Girls finale Chelsea Clinton Letter Pop Culture

Derry Girls Finale Explained: What Does the Chelsea Clinton Letter Mean?

Derry Girls, the funniest sitcom of the last decade, came to an end as of last week. If you’re wondering why I waited a week to write this post, the answer is simple: I had to digest the ending of Derry Girls. After the Derry Girls finale, an extra episode of almost an hour was aired. That’s why […]

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Sex Lives of College Girls halloween party TV Series

The Sex Lives of College Girls, Here’s A Brief Introduction:

“The Sex Lives of College Girls” is the latest Mindy Kailing piece of fine television. The first episode of the show aired on November 18th. However, I’ve just found a chance to watch it. What is “The Sex Lives of College Girls” About? Umm, the sex lives of college girls(!), but let me quote from IMDB for a […]

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Despicable Me Agnes' Party Animation

“Despicable Me” Movies and Their Lack of Diversity; Is It really THAT Hard to Illustrate a Brown Kid?

Forget about the lead roles in Despicable Me, even among the kids walking in the background or coming to Agnes’ party, ethnic diversity is unbelievably minimal. Despicable Me movies are children’s films. Any kid who would watch these movies deserves to celebrate themselves, huh, just a thought…

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