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Joe Locke and Harry Holland Pop Culture

Joe Locke Looks Strangely Like Harry Holland

Heartstopper Season 2  official trailer just dropped, which means in approximately one month, we will finally watch Charlie Spring ( Joe Locke ) and Nick Nelson ( Kit Connor).  The last time we talked about Heartstopper was when Kit Connor‘s forced him to come out when we LITERALLY watched an entire season of a teenager crying about his sexual identity crises. “Kit Connor Fans That Denied Nick […]

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Emma Mackey Barbie Movies

Did Emma Mackey’s Barbie Have to Have An American Accent?

Barbie Movie is out there campaigning “Kenough”. However not everything in the movie was enough, let’s be real Barbienheimer’s. Emma Mackey was there doing something… Emma Mackey’s Terrible American Accent In The Barbie Movie  Emma Mackey played Physicist Barbie. “This Barbie has a Nobel Prize in physics” one. In the movie, they also made it […]

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zendaya challengers trailer Movies

No More Zendaya For A While: A Challengers Update

Zendaya ‘s new film “Challengers” is directed by the amazing Luca Guadagnino whom you may know from his current masterpiece “Call Me By Your Name” starring Timothee Chalamet. “Challengers” is produced by MGM Studios which is owned by Amazon at the moment. The word Amazon comes with many connotations like forests, child labor, unions, writers’ strike, the question “How to […]

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good omens season 2 poster TV Series

Watch Good Omens Season 2 On Amazon Prime Or Pirated?

Good Omens Season 2 will air on July 28, 2023, on Amazon Prime, the beloved streaming platform that exploits its employees. Everyone knows something a little about the writers’ strike and, how important it is to unionize. We even wrote an article about it. “5 Funny Videos About Unions For People Who Hate Politics”  As of yesterday, the actors […]

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5 funny videos about unions for people who hate politics Politics

5 Funny Videos About Unions For People Who Hate Politics

Everyone knows something a little about the Writers Strike. Even though the situation is easy for a Westerner to understand, you might not care enough to learn about the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike since it’s a niche topic. Working-class heroes wouldn’t imagine a writer or an actor striking or unionizing. That’s why I made this list […]

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Succession tom in barbie shirt TV Series

Succession ‘s Tom is Ken To His Corporate Barbie

The finale of the famous HBO show Succession aired nearly two months ago. Afterward, Succession got 15 Emmy nominations which include Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series with Brian Cox, Kieran Culkin, and Jeremy Strong. Aside from the success that the show is gaining from its last season, there are more important things we need to talk about that contain […]

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Piers Morgan on Barbie Pop Culture

Barbie Assaults Piers Morgan!

On a hot July night, Piers Morgan went home and told his wife about his day. The day he argued with three grown women about Barbie.  Britain’s most beloved journalist Piers Morgan was busy arguing about Barbie on Piers Morgan: Uncensored. “One plays Doctor, one plays a Barbie with a Nobel prize in physics, and […]

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Uptown Girls' Molly Gunn and Barbie Movies

Barbie Fans Has To Love Uptown Girls

Uptown Girl is another underrated movie starring Brittany Murphy. Thank god Barbie will be the biggest movie that ever existed! We won’t have to face another Uptown Girls fiasco! What is the plot of Uptown Girls? Uptown Girls is about an overstimulated child with an adult woman’s body ( Molly Gun) and a child who acts like an asocial grandmother’s inner child […]

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ESC 2023 Croatia' s performance Pop Culture

ESC 2023: If Croatia Doesn’t Come Second, Burn Europe to the Ground

ESC 2023 final is right around the corner. And it presumably won’t be the weirdest one we’ll ever watch. What a shame. Europe should be embarrassed. Sorry, western Europe, because the Balkan countries don’t hesitate to serve. Why Should Croatia Come Second in ESC 2023? Firstly, according to the Eurovision encyclopedia which is written by […]

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selena gomez on selena + chef Pop Culture

Selena Gomez Fans: Hilarious or Embarrassing?

Welcome to the never-ending drama sagas of Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber.  Oh no! Did you forget to check celebrity gossip today? There seems to be nothing exciting lately. Don’t worry! Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber got you! Hailey Bieber started a cooking show!  Yes. Hailey Bieber‘s cooking show is not new news for most of you. However, it’s […]

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